Increasing the value of your property has never been easier with our siding services. When you choose us to install, repair, or replace the siding of your home you will be the proud owner of some aesthetic appeal. Also, to giving your home a new appearance, a siding installation or repair job done by our professional and expert handymen comes with another added benefit. Did you know that your siding offers protection to your building’s exterior? Indeed it does. Siding can withstand the harsh elements nature throws at your home’s valuable structures. Side with us, a decision you’ll be satisfied with.

Start with a free consultation.

What does our company represent? At Handyman of Cypress, we represent the highest standards of quality, workmanship, excellence, experience, and knowledge. How can we make such claims? We stay up-to-date with all developments in home maintenance, installations, and repairs by attending seminars, training, conventions and any type of trade shows that equip us with the abilities to grow and advance. Why not book a consultation and experience our credo first hand? Our team is eagerly awaiting your call and will act in accordance with your siding instructions and requirements – a satisfied client is a client of ours.

Siding Repair.

When your siding is damaged it is a structural integrity issue and not so much about curb appeal. Our insured and certified handymen can make your siding issues disappear without a trace no matter the type of siding you need to be repaired. And have we mentioned, we don’t only check your siding, we inspect your soffits and fascias too. We specialize in vinyl siding, fiber cement siding, wood siding, brick siding – literally any type of siding your home has been wrapped with. It all boils down to the scope of the damage and the type of siding material installed. When we can’t repair it, we will replace it.

Taking maintenance stock.

Every type of siding needs some form of maintenance to live up to its durable nature, even sturdy brick or post-modern vinyl. If you have brick siding your mortars should be re-pointed a decade after you had your siding installed. How about wood siding? Wood siding needs to be repainted or refinished every few years. There is no way you can escape the peel or fade accompanying wood siding – at least you have us here at Handyman of Cypress to enhance the color appeal of your siding. The same goes for fiber cement siding which needs to be sealed when installed. Exposure to the weather and normal aging will require re-sealing at some stage throughout its lifespan.

Siding installations.

You can trust our outstanding handyman siding installation service for your upcoming siding project. We have been in the siding business for years, making us your go-to siding installation experts. No matter the material, style, or surface dimensions, we install your siding successfully and give your home the look you desire, whether Victorian or something a bit more traditional. Specializing in all types and styles of siding is what we do best. Every time you look at your new siding emotions will be evoked. Plus, we will gladly advise you on how to maintain your siding so that you truly get durability and longevity.



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