We do kitchens, bathrooms, basements, and any living spaces inside or outside of your home – no matter how big or small your remodeling plans are. Our expert crew provides trustworthy information, advice, and service to ensure you end up with the bathroom or kitchen you have always wanted. Whether it is something simple like flooring, counter-tops or cabinets, or a more encompassing project that involves a total redesign, you have got yourself a trusted remodeling partner here in Cypress. During the initial stages of your remodeling project, we will provide a complete breakdown of the products and solutions needed, as well as an accurate timeline for its completion.

Bathroom remodeling.

Who needs a spa when we can help you to create one in your own home. Handyman of Cypress will do so by upgrading your bathroom space with new and fun features. Managing the entire process from tile installations to light fixture repairs. Why should you remodel your bathroom? Functionality, style, and value. By giving your bathroom a makeover, you not only add style and make it more functional, the value of your home increases. Remodeling equals investment. Begin making your investment today by giving us a call and scheduling an appointment. One of our craftsmen will be at your door ready to take your bathroom from the ordinary to the extraordinary.

The heart of the household…

Whether you need us to repair leaky faucets or upgrading your kitchen cabinets – we are not only experienced but extremely prepared to handle all kitchen remodeling projects no matter how minor or how major. We view the kitchen as the heart of the household – that is exactly the type of service you can expect from us. Just because we pride ourselves in giving families a kitchen space ideal for making those wonderful memories. Why not opt for our smooth and dependable kitchen remodeling services – get in touch today and discuss your ideas with one of our professional kitchen handymen.


The age-old question “why should I remodel my basement?”. An unfinished basement is a waste of space – why not add some usable square footage to your home? By remodeling, you can create that study or man cave you have always wanted. And with our remodeling service, you get all the quality and expertise at a fraction of the price of hiring a contractor. We can widen the staircase of your basement, add fixtures that mimic the look of the main area of the house, and build on some shelves plus much, much more. Or why not go for a hobby room? With us your remodeling options are endless.

General remodeling.

Our professional Cypress handymen will guide you through all the stages of the remodeling process. We kick start the remodeling project with the creation of a design uniquely tailored according to your requirements and requests. Then, we need to get your plans approved by the local authority – we never disappoint with permits. Next, we check if your plumbing system and electrical components are up to par or if any updates are needed. Our remodeling checklist is up-to-date and very thorough. Then, all the big installations are done after which we complete those finer finishing touches. Now it is time for you to decorate and furnish. Remodeling has never been easier and more affordable.



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