There is nothing like a fresh coat of paint to breathe new life into your living room, your home’s exterior, or a piece of furniture. Whether you require an indoor paint job or an outdoor one, our team of makeover handyman is at your disposal – we can make your painting vision come to life. Seeing that we use only the highest quality painting products, tools, and techniques, we can promise our clients detailed and professional end-results. Our crew knows what a great paint job should consist of. It is our mission to deliver on our painting promises with every project we sign up for.

Crown molding & trim painting.

Painting seems to always fall under DIY. If painting your crown molding was only that easy. We can paint your crown molding giving it that elegant touch fitted for a queen. Looking to paint more than just a crown, we specialize in full-on painting jobs as well. Have you ever wondered why some trim painting jobs stand out more than others? Preparation and planning. That is exactly what we do here at Handyman of Cypress. We never arrive on the scene without the necessary tools to get the job done perfectly and systematically. Painting in the correct order is what it is all about – we will never trim first as walls and ceilings need to be masked before we tackle your trim.

Interior painting.

When you opt for an interior painting job your entire rooms will be revitalized by giving them an updated look. Not only does a paint job done by our expert team update the appearance of your home’s interior, but it also goes a long way in eliminating odors that have been absorbed into your walls. Before painting commences, you will need to reshuffle your living spaces. No homeowner wants a furniture paint job when they ordered for their walls to be painted. That’s right, we will move around your furniture to ensure your belongings are protected. Renting out an apartment and getting it ready for your new tenant? We will gladly handle any type of interior painting job thrown our way.


Our exterior painting and staining services are one of our most popular and frequently requested services. After all, your home is your most prized possession and you want your facade to make a wonderful first impression. Is your home’s exterior in dire need of a spice-up? Is your fence faded? Does your pool deck need a protective layer? No matter which exterior surface of your home requires a makeover our residential handyman can completely spruce it home with a glossy coat of paint. Let us help your exterior structures. From decks and doors to fences and patios.

How we paint furniture.

Are you thinking distressed or glossy? We triple check with all our clients what type of look they want to achieve with a paint job. This will determine the type of paint one will use. To prime or not to prime? Yes, we cover all basis, ensuring your surfaces are sealed for a uniform look. Before we start applying any primer or paint, our expert crew will remove any glossy finish, paint flakes, or dirt from your furniture. Giving your new coat of paint something to grip to. Now for the best part – painting. Our clients can expect two to three coats, plus a seal. You will have a fantastic looking piece of furniture that’s packing some extra protection.



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