Ways to Increase the Value of Your Home with Exterior Upgrades

Ways To Increase The Value Of Your Cypress Home

If you have plans to sell your home in the future, one of the upgrades that you can consider to increase the value of your home is to consider refinishing its exterior. The curb appeal or the general attractiveness of a home can easily be judged on the outside. No matter how impressive the layout of your home’s interior, if you have an unsightly exterior, then it may still affect their impression, and they may be turned off in acquiring your property.

There are other benefits of home upgrades, not just to increase your property’s value. It may also preserve the condition of your house and improve comfort. Here are some of the high-impact ways by which you can improve the visual property of your place:

1. Improve the Garage Door

Garage doors are considered a statement piece of your home. It’s the primary thing that’s recognized; that’s why it’s important to ensure that the way how it looks matches the overall architectural design of the house. There are ways by which you can refinish your garage door. One of which is by repainting it.

If you want it to blend with the overall color of the house, you may paint it with neutral colors, or you can paint it with the existing color of the house to maintain the architectural balance. Changing the paint of your garage door can be a simple exterior upgrade, but it gives an instant look to your home’s exterior.

2. Add Lighting

The lighting fixture may only be visible at night time, but it can change the entire ambiance of your property. Lighting fixtures on the home’s exterior light up dark areas and give a welcoming home vibe. There are different lighting fixtures—the ground lights, porch lights, and soffit lights—that have varying usage.

To highlight the architectural aspects of the house, you may use soffit lights. Utilize ground lights to emphasize trees or bushes, and utilize porch lights to create a glow on the door or the windows. Having nightlights on the outside can be an additional cost to your electric bill, but it’s

an effective way to deter intruders, and it can add value to your home instantly. To deal with the possible increase in your electric bill, you may opt to use solar-powered lighting fixtures.

3. Consider Roof Upgrade

This upgrade may be one of the costliest, which’s why it’s important to find the best roofing system suitable for your home’s exterior. There is a wide variety of roofing materials to choose from. Consult professionals so they can give you guidance about the best material that’s perfect for your location and will match the exterior of your home.

In upgrading your roof, you may need to hire roofing contractors because DIY isn’t applicable because of the risks it poses and that proper installation is important to assure its durability. The roof can make your house stand out with its color, texture, and overall quality. Upgrading your roof doesn’t always mean that you have to replace it. If you don’t have the budget yet, you may repair any damages, or you may repaint it to give it a new life.

4. Invest in Landscaping

Not all have a green thumb but don’t make it an excuse to neglect the space in your backyard. Having a beautifully landscaped outdoor space may boost the curb appeal of your home. Create some flower beds to add a little bit of texture into space. Real plants, trees, and flowers aren’t the only thing that you can add to your landscape, but you can also incorporate fake plants to help maintain your backyard.

To make your space functional and sustainable, you may also grow vegetables. If you don’t have much time to maintain and care for the plants in your garden, you may choose drought-resistant plants to protect your landscape. If you have ample backyard or garden space, you may also add furniture.

5. Give the Facade a Deep Clean

Thome exterior’s walkway, garages, patios, and walls are prone to unsightly grime and sticky debris. Simple grime and sticky debris are unnoticeable until it piles up. It’s important to clean the facade of your home because these impurities cover the beauty of your home’s exterior. Manual cleaning of the facade can be difficult. That’s why it’s ideal for making use of cleaning technology such as a power or pressure washer that can reach even the hardest areas at home.

Through facade cleaning, you can clearly see the parts of your home that needs to be repaired. You may hire contractors who are fully equipped with tools to make the job easier. Before doing a facade cleaning, make sure that the way how you clean it would depend on the materials used in your home’s exterior, whether it’s wood, stone, glass, metal, bricks, etc.

6. Consider Revamping the Sidings

The sidings of your home can be prone to water damage, peeling or fading paint, or dirt that can affect the overall aesthetic appeal of your home. If you decide to revamp your sidings, check their overall condition. If it already affects the insulation properties of your home, it’s a sign that it’s better to change it into a more durable siding.

Aside from changing it completely, you may opt for repainting and cleaning it, which are more cost-effective options. If you don’t have a budget for complete replacement, refinishing it is the best option. Make sure that it doesn’t have broken areas because refinishing damaged sidings may just be a waste of time and effort. Just like upgrading your roof, the home sidings must be well thought of because they will have a great impact on your home’s aesthetic value.

Final Thoughts

The outside of your house sets an impression on its interior. If you have well-planned exteriors, you’ll give your visitors an impression that they are welcome to come in. There’s a notion that upgrading some parts of your home is expensive, but there are hacks online that you can try to DIY. You’ll just have to be creative in visioning what’s best for your space.

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