​Handyman of Cypress offers professional fence repair and installation services throughout the whole of Cypress, Texas. From pool fence repairs to full-on privacy fence installations, our team of expert handymen will help you build or maintain your home’s enclosures – keeping you and your property out of harm’s way. A promise we can keep regardless of the material your fencing system is made of. We have seen and done it all! Aluminum, wood, and even vinyl. We might be a local handyman company, but our fencing knowledge is global. Find out more about how we can assist you with repairs, maintenance, and installations, simply request an estimate.

Repairing fences of all kinds plus additions.

If your fence or gate needs to be repaired, our team will have it done for you in record time. We repair every type of fencing, including wood, vinyl, metal, composite, chain link, and other fences. Our repair services include replacing fence posts by securing them in concrete. Plus, we also specialize in fence rails, pickets, and any broken latches. We truly have all fence-related repairing needs covered. Handyman Cypress truly puts the “H” in handyman – if it’s broken, it can be fixed. You know what they say, “everything is bigger and better in Texas”. So is our repairing services.

Installing all types of fencing systems.

Thinking of starting afresh by securing your home with a brand new fencing system? Our installation and replacement services have been designed to give you and your property that white picket fence looks and feel that will last a lifetime. All you have to do is tell us what style, material, and color you prefer. Not certain what will compliment your home’s exterior – our craftsmen give the best possible design advise – simply give us a call and we will gladly schedule a consultation and help you choose your fencing system the right way.

Common Fencing problems

Over time, fences if not properly maintained will lead to numerous small damages. These damages are not only attributed to poor maintenance but are a result of age-related deterioration, weather, and improper installation. This is especially true for wood fencing systems. They are vulnerable to rotting, twisting, splitting, and even termite infestations. No fear when we are near, our repainting and staining solutions will return your wood fence to its former glory. And then there are sagging gates caused by bent hinges or stripped fasteners. Or your gate might be misaligned with the adjoining fence – no matter how big or how small your fencing dilemma is, we work to get your fence up and running within the hour.

We also specialize in…

Repairing existing fences through straightening. Have you got rotten or missing boards? Does your corner posts need reinforcing? Here at Handyman of Cypress, we have the skills and experience to address any fencing problems you might be experiencing. And we work with your budget in mind – we never repair or replace more than we quote. Additionally, we repair, replace, and maintain with your privacy in mind. Whatever your fencing needs might be, we consider all aspects. Whether you are seeking curb appeal or wanting to increase the value of your property – you name it, we deliver.



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