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Welcome to Cypress’s first choice for all your home repair and installation needs. We specialize in drywall repairs, gutters, flooring, and anything your interior or exterior home might need. We are extremely confident in announcing that you will not find a handyman service like ours in the whole of Texas, and you know what they say, everything is bigger and better in Texas.

So is our reliable and dedicated team. Please browse our service offering and make yourself at home. No need to search any further, you have just stumbled upon the most premium handyman service you will ever use. Every specialist we have is carefully selected to ensure you get the attention and quality service you want. Our experts do not just come from Texas, they are Texans. They live across this beautiful state and take pride in helping their fellow neighbors.

We offer a wide range of services so no matter how small or big the project is, Cypress Handyman is here to help. Our handymen are professionals and will treat your project just like their own.

If you ever need a professional, reliable, competent, trustworthy, respectful handyman service Cypress Handyman is here for you! No job is too big or too small. We are always ready to take whatever project you throw our way!

We do not just say we care, we truly do care about each and every customer. Cypress Handyman has been in business with our team having years of dedicated experience. Our company was built on strong values and each one of us takes pride in our work.


Your search for the most prestigious handyman company has come to an end. Not only do we cover all repairs and installations inside your home, we specialize in the exterior as well. With our industry-leading knowledge and specialist tools, we turn your damages into fully functioning systems as quick as you can say handy. Our products and solutions are not only the best in the renovation market but come at a very affordable rate. We care as much about your home as we do with our own. From vinyl flooring to basement renovations and everything else in between – your investment has just quadruplicated.


Committed to delivering top notch services characterized by quality workmanship is what we can guarantee our clients. Not to even mention our actual do-the-job-right guarantee that accompanies all our service offerings. Yep, we are so confident in the gutters we clean, the glossy coats we paint and the remodeling jobs we tackle that we can give our clients the reassurance they deserve. Plus, booking one of our services has never been so convenient and accommodating – with one simple call, we will be on your doorstep in no time, ready with the most advanced technologies to repair, maintain or install.


We do offer the most premium and professional fence repair and installation Cypress handyman service in Texas. Plus, we will help you maintain your existing fencing system no matter the material. From chain-link fencing to aluminum, we don’t shy away from any kind of fence. Our local handyman service has gone global. Yes, our fencing knowledge is based on international guidelines and standards. All you have to do is request a quote and you will have your home enclosed in no time.


​Our handymen go beyond cleaning and maintaining your gutters. When we are up there checking for clogging, we will also inspect crucial parts of your roofing system like your soffits, fascias, and siding. We believe in giving our clients that extra care and attention that will help them avoid costly damages along the line. Keeping your home in tip-top shape and you don’t have to lift a finger. Putting the “h” in handy!


You have finally saved up and have contacted a few siding companies, but their installation costs are through the roof. With us, you get the same quality siding and installation, if not better, for a fraction of what you were quoted – that is if you choose us here at Handyman of Cypress for all your siding needs. And to top it off, we specialize in vinyl and will demonstrate how you can keep that brand new aesthetic siding appeal for the years to come.


​You name it, we coat it! Whether you want to touch up your trim or crown, or if you wish to give every room in your home a fresh coat of paint. Our finishes are out to impress. We don’t only stick to walls, we paint furniture too. And we do it with three coats and a seal – your furniture will be in its prime for many years to come. Committed to using only the best painting products and solutions out there. We do love it when our clients give us such wonderful testimonials, clearly a result of our quality paint jobs.


​You will be informed every step of the remodeling process. Our design is not only uniquely tailored to suit your request and requirements, but we get your remodeling plans approved by the local authority in Cypress without any hassles. Making an exhausting situation pleasant and enjoyable. All you have to do is think about how you will decorate your out-of-this-world remodeling project. We even check your plumbing system and electrical components to ensure that everything is in great working condition.


We have got you covered no matter what your flooring needs might be. Missing a panel? Got a cracked tile? Maybe you need your existing flooring system replaced? For us here at Handyman of Cypress it is all about giving the functionality and durability of your floor, especially for all those high traffic areas. We specialize in vinyl, wood, marble, and any type of material imaginable – if it is not on the list, it doesn’t mean we don’t do it. Give us a call for all installations and repairs, you won’t regret it.

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Do you need the services of a certified handyman? Are you wondering where to find a handyman near you? Get in touch with us to discuss what you want for your home or business. We will assign one of our handyman experts to you based on the services you need for your residential or small business. Send us an email or call our customer service lines today.

“The handymen of Cypress remodeled my entire bathroom. Tiles, flooring the whole works. They executed my vision with absolute precision. And the best part, I got the highest quality materials at a very decent price. They truly are the best handyman company near me. If you have a remodeling project, do not hesitate to use Mike and his team. I one hundred percent recommend them.” – Jones, R.

“What an amazing job, I couldn’t be more impressed. I had so many repairs on my to-do list. Mike and his specialist tools got everything scratched off of my list. From my gutters to my basement lighting. Very prompt and high-quality workmanship. If you need repairs done this company comes highly recommended. ” – Frasier, T.

“It was super easy. I filled out the contact form and got a quick appointment. The handyman was very pleasant and professional and did a wonderful paint job in my living room. He even ensured that my furniture was protected and safe from any splatter. I have got an upcoming project and will use Handyman of Cypress for the job. ” – McCarthy, K.



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