​Just because it is not listed doesn’t mean we don’t do it. To you, flooring might come across as big matters. Indeed it is if you are not an expert at installing and repairing flooring systems. Fix that cracked ceramic tile! Got a missing baseboard? Need a brick paver patio maintained? The list goes on and on. We appreciate the functionality and practicality of your flooring system and so should you. It is all about diligence and dedication. At Handyman of Cypress we can repair, install, and maintain your floors no questions asked. Specializing in a wide array of flooring types and styles – from ceramic, stamped concrete to wood and vinyl.

Tile installations and repairs.

Whether your tile needs major renovation or only minor repairs, our team here at Handyman of Cypress can get the job done efficiently and effectively. Our tile repair and installation services include touch-ups, grout cleaning, and complete removal and replacement. A bonus is that we specialize in all types of surfaces in your home. From bathrooms, laundry rooms, kitchens, and even outdoor living spaces. We have got your interior and exterior tiles covered. Give us a call and we will pitch with all tools in hand to give your tile flooring a complete overhaul or to simply repair a few minor cracks.


We handle vinyl flooring installations and repairs like no other handyman can. Our vinyl products are available in plank, sheet, and tile styles that resemble hardwood and even marble for a fraction of the cost of other flooring materials. We promise your guests will not be able to tell the difference, your floor will pack an exotic punch minus paying thousands. Plus, when we install or replace your flooring system with vinyl, we will demonstrate how easy it is to clean and maintain. If an accident occurs and a section of the vinyl does get damaged, we can easily repair or replace it.

Carpet: How we repair and install.

We have repaired every type of carpet out there by making use of the leading edge tools and techniques to achieve a flawless repair. If we can’t fix it, it means it is probably beyond repair. From years of experience, we possess the know-how to repair holes, burns, rips, and tears found on your carpet. Looking to replace? We also offer professional carpet installations at extremely affordable rates. Whilst repairing your carpet, we don’t expect you to move any furniture. We bet you can’t find a cypress handyman competitor that will beat our service commitment and devotion. Schedule a repair appointment today.


Need a new floor or to repair or to replace parts of your wood floor that has become damaged due to wear and tear? Our wood installation and repair handymen have practiced veterans when it comes to replacing wooden boards or installing a whole new wood flooring system. Performing tear-outs is our specialty and it comes with a worry-free guarantee. Why would you even consider hiring an expensive contractor? Let’s surpass expectations with a few added service extras like our eco-friendly solutions for keeping your wood well maintained after we have completed our installation or repair service. Give us a call and we will tell you all about the extras you could qualify for.



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